VC Crystal's American Widgeon CD,MH, RDX, THD, CGC,  UT I, NA I
( 10 x NSTRA Ch. Snip's Ticked Off SH  x Ch. R-Desire's Under The Gun CD, MH ,THD, NRD, NA II)

whelped 4/24/10   CERF,  OFA Cardiac (echo), CD Normal, clear for color dilute, Lupoid dermatosis normal
          PennHip 0.35 and 0.34      CHIC # 87401

Ditto is incredibly biddable with an excellent nose, tremendous style and intensity on point.  We knew she was destined for great things when as a 12 week old puppy she would retrieve ducks from the pond!  See her video below!

See video below of Ditto at 12 weeks of age!!

4 months of age