VC Garbonita Adonis Von Crystal
( VC/Ch Crystal's Up Close 'N Personal CD, RD, MH C-ROM  x VC Garbonita Hustlin Tango )
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HOF VC/Ch Crystal's Up Close 'N Personal CD, RD, MH, ROMXX
( DC/AFC Odyssey's Sam Saint Max MH x Crystal's Trial Size CD, SH, NRD )

See Josh's page for more information      Frozen semen only

Josh truly proves by the titles he's earned what a versatile dog is. He has produced 38 breed champions to date along with 21 MH offspring, 6 NAVHDA VC, 2 Dual Champions, 1 MACH, several NAVHDA UT and many NA prized pups. Josh's temperament is stellar and he throws that into his puppies. They are known for their happy, easy to train, stable temperaments.